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Smith.ai Self-Service Chat Beta Program

Since 2015, Smith.ai has offered live, virtual, U.S.-based receptionists to businesses looking to be more responsive. In 2019, they added Live Web Chat staffed by their receptionists.

Now, Smith.ai is about to do something amazing... offer their web chat software for YOUR OWN USE.
Answer chats on your website, and program their AI chatbot to answer them for you!

Before they launch, we're inviting the Lex Tech community to join the Smith.ai Self-Service Chat Beta Program.

There are only 30 spots available!

You Get:


Single-user account with unlimited chats answered by you

Premium Features (3 Months Free)


AI chatbot (unlimited chats), programmed by you

CRM/practice management software integration (including but not limited to Clio, Clio Grow, Lexicata, HubSpot, Capsule CRM, and Lead Docket.)

 Free AI English-Spanish translation.

You provide:

All they ask in return is that you send any bugs, issues, or aspects of the product that are confusing (or need clarification, better instruction, etc.) to their product team at [email protected]. The team is simply looking for your honest feedback!


Assuming even a low chat volume, this is worth $100+.
Request access now to reserve your spot here --->


Limited Offer - Only 20 Spots Left!
July 30, 2020
7:50pm Eastern Time
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